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Medical Supply Shortage Response

At ArbiMed, we are aware that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PPE shortages are currently posing a tremendous challenge to the US healthcare system, and facilities like yours may be having difficulty accessing much needed supplies.

ArbiMed has taken actions to help our customers in that regard. Besides using technology and data to help customers closely monitor and plan medical supply inventory, we have taken further steps to help customers source PPE and other medical supplies.

ArbiMed is working hand-in-hand with our parent company, MediSouth, and their vast network of vendors. In the past few weeks, ArbiMed started working on some ArbiMed customers’ demands. MediSouth has successfully helped them obtain essential PPE products and other medical supplies. MediSouth will keep their supply chain network open to all ArbiMed customers as commitment to the healthcare community.

During this difficult time, ArbiMed will continue serve as bridge between all of our customers and suppliers that can offer much needed PPE and medical supplies with reasonable prices. We are reaching out to all of our customers via emails and phone calls, and trying our best to help connect you to the right suppliers for your shortage.

We are here to help! And we will get through this pandemic together successfully!

To request a list of available inventory or to make an inquiry, email:

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